About US

African Agricultural Solutions provides technical, logistical as well as market access support to smallholder farmers who have limited access to information in order to participate in the agricultural sector as commercial farmers. Various elements of the agri-business value chain are introduced to the farmers through training and consultative services by focusing on innovative and sustainable economic development.


To assist small holder farmers to combine traditional and modern agricultural practices that will create employment as well as ensure food security in rural communities. 


Commitment – we ensure that we equip rural communities with self-sustaining agricultural practices by developing and implementing achievable solutions
Customer centric – we create an environment that fosters a culture of Ubuntu through collective community development
Futuristic – we ensure that all solutions are ground-breaking and promote numerous aspects of the agricultural value chain
 Approachable – we facilitate  beneficial engagements between smallholder farmers, government institutions and developmental agencies
Result orientated – we guarantee that every solution is specific to each farmer’s experience, need and situation. Put the farmer first