Farmers profile

                            JANE AGE 48


Jane is a smallholder farmer with secondary school education including agricultural sciences. Jane is very passionate about crop farming and is operating a quarter of hectare area growing spinach, beetroot, beans and onions. Her produce is being sold in the local supermarkets. She joined African Agricultural Solutions in October 2017 and has had a stable income and learning more about organic farming methods..

                                     Tshepiso, 19


Tshepiso joined African Agricultural Solutions in February 2018 and has been assisting her mother Jane with harvesting and packaging of produce. Tshepiso delivers the produce with the driver to the supermarkets and does quality checks with the store managers. She wants to learn more about the logistics aspect of the agribusiness. 

                                   Sylvester, 35

Sylvester is passionate about, making organic compost for crops as well livestock and fisheries farming. Together with African Agricultural Solutions, he is researching and planning to start fish farming in his village to sell privately and to local supermarkets.

Research and consulting services
Input distribution
Compost production
Market linkages
Logistic support
Agricultural training and agri-business development